Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fish Creek Library Quilt Show - Nov/16

The Longarmers Quilting Group that I belong to provided about 90 quilts to be put on display until Nov 25/16 at the Fish Creek Library in Calgary.  If you are looking for something to do - check them out.  The library is a nice building and now there are 90 quilts decorating it!

True - I was taking the pix and these first two (above and below) are my quilts - but it also happens that they are the first ones I saw going in the front door.

And this one is mine, too.  Rhoni took my pix for me.

I'm sorry - I don't know who did what but I'll mention the ones I know.  They are all great!

I think the elephant is Terry R's.

The two above are Terry R's.

The two above are Brenda W-T"S.

The green one is Bev R's.

The blue above is Allison S's and the swirly below is Linda H's.

Above is Lee D's.

I believe the one above is Allison S's. 

Here we all are listed - not sure if it's readable even if you click on it to enlarge, but give it a try.