Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Christmas Ever!


Sort of looks like a quilt, doesn't it?  My clever husband made me this amazing thread cabinet! 

 I think I have "the perfect colour of thread" for just about any quilt!  I ordered the minimum order from Marathon Threads (Winnipeg) and tried to get a wide variety of colours.  Minimum order is $150.  The spools I got are 2000 m 35 weight - about $4/spool.  If I were to get quilting thread in my local fabric store, retail price is about $14 for 1000m (although I would typically wait for the half price sales).  If you do the math, it's worth dropping the $150 all at once.  I had picked up some Marathon thread at the last sewing show to try it out and liked it.  So I was comfortable in ordering lots more.  It will take me awhile to use it all up though! 

Craig and Rhonwyn sent me some fabric from Hong Kong (above - not a great pix, will have to try for a better one - oh who am I trying to kid? - you'll see it as it comes up in a project). 

And Eric gave me a gift certificate to the local fabric store!  Sew - I'm feeling like the little kid who got all the things she asked for!  Pretty spoiled, eh?


Finally - this is the "table runner" finished for the dining room table.  It turned into more of a table cloth, but that's OK - I like it.
  For the pix, I pulled out one of the table leaves - the leaves are usually folded in so the runner would hang over the ends, but when both leaves are both out it will extend about half way over each leaf. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow! And 2011 Minis

 It started snowing about 14:00 yesterday afternoon and continued for the rest of the day and night.  We ended up with about 4-6 inches of fluffy white stuff.  I didn't get pix until after shovelling and neighbour kids messed it up - but oh well.  The kids looked like they were having fun!

It seems each year since I started this quilting hobby I have a couple of months at the end of the year where I pause for station identification.  I have lots of batting ends and bits and pieces generated from the quilts I've made previously.  I want to clear up some of the debris.  And make a few items for the season as well. 
 First up are my little gift bags - I made some of these last year.  Two half meters yield 10 bags.  I picked up this Mark Lipinski fabric for 1/2 price (I cannot resist a sale). 
 I made three minis as per the above - this is actually a pattern from a book called Pretty Little Mini Quilts  - a Lark Book (no specific author - this quilt is designed by Rebeka Lambert and called Around the Block).  Finished size is about 29 inches square.  No new fabric here - all "left overs".  Chris and Karl get the wine block.

 I've also been making some Christmas items for ME!  I think these are the first things I've actually quilted for myself.  We have three end tables this size and the larger coffee table.  I have two small ones done, hand sewing the third and will be working on the coffee table next.  I may even decide to do a runner for the dining table.  Using some fabric up and started in on some Christmas fabric I picked up a couple of years ago.  I made up the pattern. 
 Here are the remaining Around the Block minis.  The red one went home with Carol and Dan.  I put the blue one in for a door prize for my company party - then won it back!  I will have to find another home for it.  These are both using up more "left overs".
Finally - this little guy (above) still using up the fabric from my very first project table toppers/runners for my Mom.  Didn't measure this guy, but probably about 20 inches square. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Divas Day

Our day began with "show and tell".  Joan and Dorothy both had "I Spy" quilts to show off but would not allow pix as they were not finished.  I brought my latest along and as it was almost finished (about half the binding needed to be stitched on) I took a picture of it.

Hobo Hieroglyphics - each block is a hobo sign indicating something - work available, safe drinking water, danger, etc.  I used the block designs by Debra G. Henninger in her book Hobo Quilts, but designed the quilt on my EQ7 program.  It's about 5'*6', which I find is a nice size for a quilt. 

 I put a legend and the block names on the back of the quilt. 

Our Gourmet Diva, Sue, was back in action with us today with her usual yummy contribution. 
Red pepper soup with corn.

 Chocolate from Ireland - personally imported by Sue as she has recently returned from her tour of Ireland, which she "loved" and would live there.  I guess I'll have to add it to my list of places to visit.

 Potato strudel and something I've forgotten the name of on puff pastry that was really yummy - how can it not be when pastry is involved?
I neglected to mention that we also finished one quilt top and have to blocks made for a more complicated top - assembly still required.  Next time.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flash Mob Again

Flash Mob is modeled by Curtis and Kim on their wedding day - September 24/11. 

Below it is being held up for me by my cousins, Sandy and Marj.

Taking a break - this is one of the trees on our street in front of the house a couple of weeks ago at peak fall colours.  It's almost bare now.

When we got home from the wedding, we had our first water lily on our fish pond! 

OK - enough of a break - here are a few detail shots of Flash Mob. 

I'm moving on to the next project.  It is hobo signs/symbols.  I first learned about these a number of years ago and was sort of fascinated by the idea.  Then last year I found a book called Hobo Quilts by Debra G. Henninger.  I've started a quilt using some of her block designs. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flash Mob

Flash Mob

We were invited to my cousin's son's wedding. Since I have piles of fabric and many ideas for quilts, I decided to try out the latest urge for an unconventional quilt and present that as the wedding gift. This is what I came up with. As always, credit where credit is due. I found a book called Stretching Tradition - New Images for Traditional Quilts by Lynn G. Kough, which inspired me to this particular lunacy. I'm actually pretty happy with the result.

I'm naming it Flash Mob because I heard the term the other day and thought it would be a neat name for a quilt.  There are a lot of stars here (a mob) and stars are flashy - so it works for me!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Seeing Stars!

It's finally finished. The only place big enough to stretch it all out is the backyard. I need a couple of people to hold it up to get a better pix and Joe was the only one around. The lighting could be better. Anyway - I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. This is a queen size quilt somewhere in the 90"*120" range. I made about 300 six inch blocks and used all but about about 10 of them, which I put into the backing. Blocks are arranged in an organized random sort of way.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Divas Day!

We were finally able to get together for a great Summer Divas Day - at least a quorum, we were missing Karen. Schedules have been pretty hectic for the past few months it seems so we haven't been able to get together for quite awhile. As you can imagine, more talking than sewing, although we did do some of that, too!

We started off by presenting Gourmet Diva Sue with her turquoise and brown quilt (front and back below). Sue had purchased the fabric at one of the quilt shows quite awhile ago and Kristie managed to find time to assemble it over the winter. Sue was quite delighted and thought it was pretty cool that she could buy fabric that would magically convert to a quilt with no effort on her part. Of course we know differently - she's our chef and without her, well - the Divas just wouldn't function nearly as well! :)

Show and tell was next up with Joan and her most recent "eye spy" quilt (front and back below). She's become quite the expert at these. She was concerned that the binding wasn't stitched down but in the pix it's not too obvious.

Then I opened up my "Seeing Stars" quilt - the top is finally complete. It's pretty big! We had to hang it from the deck to get a full pix. It's not a great pix - sun is shining through - I'll do another when it's finished.

We had a Shrimp Fest today - shrimp on skewers BBQd and shrimp in salad. We had peas in a salad with some other yummy stuff and a regular salad. And some smoked salmon on pizza and a spread that was terrific too! That Gourmet Diva always comes through for us!

And as if that wasn't enough - dessert too!

Divas Kristie, Sue, Mary, Dorothy, Joan.

Oh yeah, about the sewing: two small quilts were quilted on Harley and the top for another one well started.