Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Batman quilt top is almost done!  After a few weeks of getting caught up with quilting some Divas quilts and going to quilt shows, and admittedly procrastination because I was still working out how to go about putting my idea into the quilt, I finally got going on this on the weekend and finished it up tonight.
 I'm actually pretty pleased with it!  As usual, the pix doesn't really show it too well, but the idea is that Batman is silhouetted against the moon on top of a building, surrounded by many buildings.  The Bat Signal is up there in the night sky (which is a Bargello experiment!). 
 I made some of the buildings, and used building fabrics (grey/black generic city and dark blue/yellow New York) as some of the buildings. 

All that's needed is to satin stitch around the moon and Bat Signal.

Stash Infusion


Two quilt shows in two weeks.  A fat quarter here, a fat quarter there.  OK - so most of them are from Hamel's but whatever... 

When I add up all the fat quarters it equals 20 meters...  My rule is to not buy unless they are $2.50 or less (=$10/meter) - so that's what these were - many less that that.  I was going for bright colours and mostly that's what I got.

 Except for a few, like the letters (which are actually words) below, that I liked.

Then there is the Canada fabric that I pre-ordered and picked up on the weekend for another 7 meters.  That makes a total of 27 meters of new fabric in the last two weeks.  Just shoot me.  Or lock me up with my sewing machine for a few months.  Sort of like solitary confinement - until some of it gets used up!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Heritage Park Quilt Show

Divas struck off for Heritage Park on May 27 for the quilt show and merchants' market.  We were all pretty happy about that as it's been quite awhile since we've been to a show.  I had six quilts in the show so went on a scavenger hunt to find them.  They don't tell you where your quilts are hung and it's a big park!  I found five of the six.  The one I didn't find was Trade Winds (below).  But I did find all the rest.
 Trade Winds.
 Solar Flare.
 Seeing Stars - its a queen size so it got hung from the Wainwright Hotel balcony.

 Thunder Lizards.
 Time Machine.
 Come On - Get Happy!

And of course we all dropped a fair amount of cash at the merchants' market.  As I said - it's been awhile - and for Brenda the first time.  So we all found things and Brenda especially was pretty excited about all the goodies she found!


Brenda brought her first three finished quilts for a show and tell in the parking lot.  I'm so proud!  Another one we have brought her over to the "dark side"!  And I can see she's going to be producing very brightly coloured quilts! 

April 28/12 Divas Day

As usual, we begin with show and tell....
Mary's "Thunder Lizards".
Mary's "Dino Play Time" - for Marlow's first grandchild - Emmett.
Back of Dino Play Time (above) and closer up of the featured fabric (below).

Mary's "Solar Flare" (above), closer up (below).

Below - Brenda's first quilt top!  We all love this!  Not sure if she's naming her quilts - I think she might be so I'll have to start taking notes so I remember for my blog posts!

Mary's "Twitter" - a small table topper to experiment with the letters - and a machine binding technique.

One of the Divas brought in these "findings" from a past life.  I have a great memory - for about three seconds - so I can't remember which of the Divas it was!  When I find out, I'll come back to update the post.

Joan's Penguin - front and back.  This is her second one - we all love this pattern!  There will probably be a few more of these cuties showing up in future posts!

This is a queen size quilt that Joan made for her bed!  It's amazing - the pix don't do it justice - her colours work so well in this one.  This is the top - but I happen to know that it is now quilted so she'll be working on getting the binding on.  Looking forward to seeing it all done - will snap another pix then.

And of course it just wouldn't be a Divas Day without Gourmet Diva Sue's contribution!  This time a Mexican theme.

And finally - I had to get of pix of Dorothy's "sock monkey" slippers!