Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Gotham finished.  No helpers for pix so had to put it on the ground.
 I quilted it on my "regular" machine - bats. Small ones - above, and a couple of larger ones like below.  Not sure if it shows up in that pix.
 I also made a top for the the entertainment centre Joe made for Eric - Batman "left-overs". 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jessica's Tote

Eric has a new girlfriend.  We really like her.  It's her birthday coming up so I made her this tote bag. 

I thought it would be a good time to try out my Olfa tool that cuts circles.  It works really well!  And a lot faster than if I'd used scissors.  I'm pretty happy with this considering I put it together quite quickly due to various time constraints.  Hope Jessica likes it!

June 23 Divas Day

This is our first Divas Day at Joan's.  Seems like we have fun wherever we are!

When we inherited "Shirley's" fabric, there were a number of finished quilt tops, so we committed to turning them into finished quilts to give back to her family.  I quilted them on Harley, then at our Divas Day, I put binding on a couple - or three.  We decided to speed up the process by doing the binding by machine.  So these first few quilts are Shirley's.

 Dorothy (above and below) and Kristie (below).
 Brenda at the ironing board and Joan at her counter cutting.

Here we are back at the Divas quilts.  The one above is just the top, the bottom one is now finished, compete with machined binding.  Can you tell the difference between hand and machine binding?  :)  (Yeah, I know - not in these pix!)