Sunday, July 31, 2011

UFO Round Up (Not Cowboys and Aliens!)

I generally like to finish each project before starting a new one. But I've managed to accumulate a few UFOs so decided I MUST get them finished. I was prompted to finish this little birdhouse quilt when my friend Jacquie sent an email asking when we'd be available to visit them out at their recreational property. My plan is to give it to her. She has a birdhouse up for each of her Grandkids. I'm going to call it "Grandma's Birdhouses." Joe is modelling for me. (How do you like my birthday palm trees! I complained after coming back from Mexico and California to horrible Calgary winter weather that I wanted to wake up to palm trees every day, so Joe got these ones for me for my birthday back in April.)

I started this gold and purple quilt (below) probably about 1 1/2 years ago. Ran out of gold fabric, so started something else. By the time I had more gold, I was well onto my next projects and it's hard to go back! So I finished off the blocks and started putting the thing together. My original plan was to do it offset like bricks AND on point. But I found it was just too unwieldy to work with so I've scaled back on that and it will now be bricks but horizontal setting. It will still be OK - I like it so far, though I suppose some wouldn't. This is based on the ideas in the book Thinking Outside the Block, which I have mentioned before.

And finally - we are getting some decent summer weather - so I won't be doing much quilting when it's nice. Here are a few bonus pix of our yard and our fish in the pond! We got these little fish last year - they were about 1.5 inches long. Joe wintered them in the garage (it's heated) and right now they are about 3 inches long. I think they like our pond!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Colour Outside the LInes

You will recall from a previous post that I made Colour Outside the Lines for Joe's niece and her family. Kelly (actually she's a great-niece) and Jason live in Lethbridge and we haven't been back since last year - we finally made it back late in June and we delivered the quilt.

Here are Jason and Kelly holding the quilt with Ezra and Veronica, their little girls.

The quilt is black and white in the centre because Jason is colour blind. Hence - "colour outside the lines".
It was fun to watch the girls playing with it! I hope they continue to enjoy it.