Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Divas Day! April 24

We've been on a roll lately! Another Divas Day today.

We had this one cut and a few rows started last day. Although conceptually simple, Kristie was worried the order would be lost so she put it together between days. This is the finished top. It's quite big.

We also had this one started last time - the blocks were made. Divas Dorothy and Karen laid it out and labeled it last week so it was ready to sew today. I think we got it together the way it's supposed to be! This was the "Spice Train" status before our lunch.

Then of course Gourmet Diva Sue did not disappoint. Damn that girl is a good cook!

Much later - Spice Train quilt top is complete.
Finally - this red/white (above) quilt top was completely assembled today! These ladies are getting good - we have assimilated them!
Below, Kristie is modelling the quilt that she made from which the "scraps" came for Spice Train above. We were teasing her - as many of her "scraps" involved using up 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 meter lengths of fabric! I think she is trying to reduce her stash in anticipation of a big shopping trip coming up!
Finally - this is a little quilt top I put together a week or so ago. This will be called "Happy Sails to Luke." Luke is my late cousin Pierre's son - he is two. Pierre was a very accomplished sailor
so I thought it would be appropriate to make Luke a nautical themed quilt. I will be following it up with another for Luke's little brother, Elliot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 10 Divas Day

First up - Show and Tell!

We are very proud Divas! Diva Joan - she who didn't own a sewing machine and claimed she couldn't sew a straight line - has been assimilated! Using a machine she was given by a generous relative, she is sewing up a storm and creating some really great quilts! See her purple creation above.
Diva Dorothy - soon to be Diva Grandma Dorothy - is on a sock monkey mission to sew up as many of these creatures as she can - at least so it seems! Here she is showing off three of her latest creations.

Joan is experimenting with half square triangles with the beginning of a cool design - bears claw? I'll have to check that - but hers is great!

Divas Kristie, Joan and Dorothy.

Joan, Karen and visitor Jean. Jean was trying to visualize the quilting process so I invited her to come and check it out.

Gourmet Diva Sue in the kitchen preparing our fab lunch! With Megan the dog.

Our smiling chef!



Joan finishing off binding on one of the housing project quilts - for Ronald McDonald House.

I made her look up and smile. It didn't hurt a bit!

And the day wouldn't be complete without our lunch!

We did have dessert - but the batteries died in my camera. It was pretty darn yummy - you'll have to take my word for it!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craig Models Sedimentary Dreaming

Craig is back in the Northern Hemisphere so was able to take delivery of his quilt, finally. In keeping with my custom, I insisted he model it. So here he is - he's such a goof! But as I am fond of saying - he's a lovable goof. Thanks to Cousin Marj for taking the pix.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Red Deer Quilt Show - 2010

Divas Kristie, Dorothy, Joan and myself went to the Red Deer Quilt Show a few weekends ago. We had a lot of fun, came home with more stash stuff and other stuff - stuff, stuff, stuff!

I didn't take many pix this time out - but I did take pix of my favorite quilt of the show.

This is "Rebecca" by Patti Morris. According to the info card, Rebecca is Patti's daughter and the quilt was made as a graduation gift when Patti graduated as a hydrogeologist. Congratulations Rebecca and we love the quilt Patti!
This the quilt back! Great, eh?


Here is another tote bag - this one for my Mom!
One side and the other - can you find my boo-boo?
And - a bag with a zipper!

She was using it - so that's the proof she likes it!