Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Millennium Falcon has Landed

The Millennium Falcon (aka my new APQS Millennium) arrived this afternoon and Chewbacca (aka DH, Joe) is busy assembling at this very moment.  It's a much more substantial machine than Harley (aka Husqvarna 18.8).  I got the 12' frame.  The machine has a 24" arm.  It's big! So we needed to rearrange the basement so everything will fit.  It's a good thing I have an agreeable husband!
 It's still in the box - it comes with a bow!  I'm not sure what a final name will be, but Joe is already referring to it as "Millie", which I'm not so sure about (so ordinary), whereas the Millennium Falcon is pretty obvious...  but nothing else is coming to me right now. 

Harley has found a new home - I think a good one. 

And I ordered some new thread, too - I have tons of cotton thread, but was convinced poly is the way to go.  It arrived today, too!  It's like Christmas!
Here it is - all set up and ready for action!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Again Already...

It's November - already!  How can that happen?
It was a very busy in October - hence no blogging.  Two weekends were spent on quilting related activities.  First - the Divas attended our first "quilting retreat" - this one organized by a local community association by a lady who, by coincidence, I happened to know from university days.  I ran into her at one of the quilt shows and stopped to chat.  She let me know about the retreat.  We had a blast and as I took a few pix, it will be the subject of another post. 
What I am very excited about is that I decided to purchase a new long arm machine - an APQS Millennium with 12 foot frame.  It should arrive at my door in a couple of weeks (I hope).  On October 27 I was in Edmonton taking a lesson on this machine.  I have Harley for sale - anyone in Calgary interested in a long arm, let me know.:) I'll have to decide on a name for the new one.  I guess Falcon would be too obvious - and so Star Wars! 
Sew - two busy sewing related weekends - a third weekend I had to leave on the Sunday for a conference in San Diego - hard to take!  :)
Somehow I did manage a bit of sewing.  In addition to the little baskets I was making as per the previous post, I also made these little bags.  They are so cute!  The fabric had a dozen separate cat panels purr panel, which made six bags.  I cut the bags to fit the little panels.  They have a zipper at the top and a little pocket inside.  This came from a tutorial I found here.  I changed the size to fit the panel and mitered the bottom corners to give a bit of depth. 

Marla and Marlow were over the other night.  Hadn't seen them for ages.  I was finally able to get Marlow's quilt to him and give him is grandson's quilt. 

I think not so many busy weekends lined up for November so maybe I can get some more sewing done!  And I can't wait to get my new long arm!