Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Millennium Falcon has Landed

The Millennium Falcon (aka my new APQS Millennium) arrived this afternoon and Chewbacca (aka DH, Joe) is busy assembling at this very moment.  It's a much more substantial machine than Harley (aka Husqvarna 18.8).  I got the 12' frame.  The machine has a 24" arm.  It's big! So we needed to rearrange the basement so everything will fit.  It's a good thing I have an agreeable husband!
 It's still in the box - it comes with a bow!  I'm not sure what a final name will be, but Joe is already referring to it as "Millie", which I'm not so sure about (so ordinary), whereas the Millennium Falcon is pretty obvious...  but nothing else is coming to me right now. 

Harley has found a new home - I think a good one. 

And I ordered some new thread, too - I have tons of cotton thread, but was convinced poly is the way to go.  It arrived today, too!  It's like Christmas!
Here it is - all set up and ready for action!

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