Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flash Mob Again

Flash Mob is modeled by Curtis and Kim on their wedding day - September 24/11. 

Below it is being held up for me by my cousins, Sandy and Marj.

Taking a break - this is one of the trees on our street in front of the house a couple of weeks ago at peak fall colours.  It's almost bare now.

When we got home from the wedding, we had our first water lily on our fish pond! 

OK - enough of a break - here are a few detail shots of Flash Mob. 

I'm moving on to the next project.  It is hobo signs/symbols.  I first learned about these a number of years ago and was sort of fascinated by the idea.  Then last year I found a book called Hobo Quilts by Debra G. Henninger.  I've started a quilt using some of her block designs.