Sunday, October 27, 2013

What did I learn today?

First snow of the year today, which fit well with my plan to try to prepare for next weekend's quilting retreat.  Cut out a couple of projects to sew, quilted a few small items to bind, made a prototype of something I've been wanting to try, cleaned my iron....  Productive, I guess - though I feel a bit scattered and working in a sewing area that is a total mess doesn't help.  But no time for cleaning up until the end of the month.  Quilt retreat next weekend and then a craft show on Nov 23.  After that - I'll have to grit my teeth and get the mess under control. 

Anyway- back to the prototype - it's for an "aero pac".  I found it in one of my web surfing adventures here.  It's actually pretty easy to make and one of those rare things that actually might be useful - at least I would use it.  In any event, it asks for a couple of little Velcro pieces.  Brilliant me got the stick on kind because they are pre-cut in nice neat little circles.   It says right on the package to make them stronger, stitch them on in addition to sticking them on.  So I tried.  Man - never again!  I tried both my machines, a different needle, etc.  Result - shredded thread, broken thread, gummed up needles (that was probably the worst) and a broken needle.  I ended up stitching them by hand and after that adventure, I have resolved next time they will simply be stuck on.  If they come off, tough luck!  Next time I'm at the store I'll get some old fashioned sew on stuff. 

The prototype turned out OK - but I always learn what not to do on the first one.  The strap is another thing that I didn't get quite right - mostly because the stuff I used isn't exactly what they had in mind for the pattern.  So I'll do it a bit differently next time.


And as a totally random comment - I'm on a Rod Stewart jag this week - I really like his new CD.   Highly recommended. 

Pix next time - have a good week.

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's been awhile

It's been a very busy period of time for me - at home (young son's wedding, vacation, etc.) and work (9-10 hour day today, for example).  And to top it off, when I got back from vacation, I came back to a Google notice that I'd missed the annual payment deadline for my blog.  I've exceeded the free storage capacity so have been paying $20/year for the privilege of having my blogs the last few years.  Since I missed the deadline, the cost would jump up to $4.99/month (I would have been grandfathered in at the $20 price).  If you do that math, that's a 200% increase.  I did not get a 200% raise this year. 

What it means is I can type all I want, but pix might be a problem.  Joe worked out a way that I might still be able to do pix so will give it a try.  If I can't upload pix, I may decide to change platforms.  A 200% increase just galls me on principle.   

Let's give it a try... here goes - let's see if a pix will upload.

Hey!  Looks like it worked!  If they block me out until I pay, as I said, I may change services if I'm mad enough.  We'll see how it goes.  If I do change, I will post the new location.

My raspberries were awesome this summer - again!  I love 'em.  One of a number of things I made - raspberry trifle, below.

 Joe's fish pond and our front garden snapdragons.  They were so pretty!

 Our kids!  Love these guys and girls - our sons and daughters-in-law.  Rhonwyn and Craig, Eric and Jessica.
 My long time, very good friend, Pam.  I finally was able to get her quilt to her!  I tell her we used to be 16 (i.e., slim with no grey hair or wrinkles).