Saturday, December 15, 2012

Max has been busy

The only way you get good at anything is to practice.  With Max, I am really inspired to do that!  Harley was fine - but not inspiring - he got the job done, so to speak, but with no flare.  With Max, because everything just works so smoothly - it runs over everything whereas Harley would bounce off any bulky joins - annoying - and the stitch regulator on Max is a dream - never worked properly on Harley so I didn't use it (although Joe managed to get the darn thing running well enough for me to sell).  I could go on - but won't - you get the idea.  I love this machine!
All that to say - I've been quilting up a storm - practicing on a backlog of Diva's quilts (I thought I'd done them all then found another stash of them when I was getting Harley ready to sell).  I've lost count - but I'm into double digits now.
 Above and below are the first two Max quilts.  I see the fish are upside down! 
 I want to learn how to do more than just meander - so have been watching little UTube quilting videos to learn some other things to do.  My first attempts are below.  I know - not nearly perfect, but considering they are just first attempts, I think not too bad.  One can only get better, right???

 Below - this year's crop of little Christmas bags.  Then I realized the little items I got to put in them are a bit too big!  So not sure if I'll use them or save them for next year. 
 And not quilting - but I think this is pretty cool - Joe's first project on his new CNC router - a "Steam Punk" birdhouse for Carol's Dan.  We made him open it when they were here early in Dec.  He likes it!  (He's into Steam Punk - which is a science fiction genre.)
 Finally - I just had to share this!  It's true - the 60s-70s were way cooler than the 2000s!  (PM Trudeau with John and Yoko in 1969 and our present PM Harper with that kid - Justin Beiber - can you believe it???)
Hope everyone who reads this has a safe and happy holiday season.  Given the randomness of my blog posts, it may not be until the New Year when I am back here - so enjoy - eat, drink, be happy - but safe!

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  1. Oh, I love that last true, alas! Cool has gone. Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a great 2013.