Saturday, June 2, 2012

April 28/12 Divas Day

As usual, we begin with show and tell....
Mary's "Thunder Lizards".
Mary's "Dino Play Time" - for Marlow's first grandchild - Emmett.
Back of Dino Play Time (above) and closer up of the featured fabric (below).

Mary's "Solar Flare" (above), closer up (below).

Below - Brenda's first quilt top!  We all love this!  Not sure if she's naming her quilts - I think she might be so I'll have to start taking notes so I remember for my blog posts!

Mary's "Twitter" - a small table topper to experiment with the letters - and a machine binding technique.

One of the Divas brought in these "findings" from a past life.  I have a great memory - for about three seconds - so I can't remember which of the Divas it was!  When I find out, I'll come back to update the post.

Joan's Penguin - front and back.  This is her second one - we all love this pattern!  There will probably be a few more of these cuties showing up in future posts!

This is a queen size quilt that Joan made for her bed!  It's amazing - the pix don't do it justice - her colours work so well in this one.  This is the top - but I happen to know that it is now quilted so she'll be working on getting the binding on.  Looking forward to seeing it all done - will snap another pix then.

And of course it just wouldn't be a Divas Day without Gourmet Diva Sue's contribution!  This time a Mexican theme.

And finally - I had to get of pix of Dorothy's "sock monkey" slippers!

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