Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Batman quilt top is almost done!  After a few weeks of getting caught up with quilting some Divas quilts and going to quilt shows, and admittedly procrastination because I was still working out how to go about putting my idea into the quilt, I finally got going on this on the weekend and finished it up tonight.
 I'm actually pretty pleased with it!  As usual, the pix doesn't really show it too well, but the idea is that Batman is silhouetted against the moon on top of a building, surrounded by many buildings.  The Bat Signal is up there in the night sky (which is a Bargello experiment!). 
 I made some of the buildings, and used building fabrics (grey/black generic city and dark blue/yellow New York) as some of the buildings. 

All that's needed is to satin stitch around the moon and Bat Signal.

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