Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stash Infusion


Two quilt shows in two weeks.  A fat quarter here, a fat quarter there.  OK - so most of them are from Hamel's but whatever... 

When I add up all the fat quarters it equals 20 meters...  My rule is to not buy unless they are $2.50 or less (=$10/meter) - so that's what these were - many less that that.  I was going for bright colours and mostly that's what I got.

 Except for a few, like the letters (which are actually words) below, that I liked.

Then there is the Canada fabric that I pre-ordered and picked up on the weekend for another 7 meters.  That makes a total of 27 meters of new fabric in the last two weeks.  Just shoot me.  Or lock me up with my sewing machine for a few months.  Sort of like solitary confinement - until some of it gets used up!

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