Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bat Quilt Beginnings

Gotham will be my challenge this month.  How do you make a quilt that sort of looks like a bat but can still be used and abused as an actual quilt (not so far from a rectangle that it can't be used)?  And once you do that - how do you get your quilt to fit the shape?  This is what I came up with - a good old fashioned paper pattern (made with office recycled paper taped together).  The measurements are not scientific - I just eyeballed the angles and cut. I cut one half and then laid the first half on the other half and cut it the same.  Then I taped them together in the centre.  With this I will know where to put my blocks when I get them made.  I guess making blocks will start tomorrow night, weather permitting.  It's been getting pretty nice out so I won't want to be downstairs sewing if the weathe in nice, but it's supposed to rain. 

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