Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Divas Day!

We were finally able to get together for a great Summer Divas Day - at least a quorum, we were missing Karen. Schedules have been pretty hectic for the past few months it seems so we haven't been able to get together for quite awhile. As you can imagine, more talking than sewing, although we did do some of that, too!

We started off by presenting Gourmet Diva Sue with her turquoise and brown quilt (front and back below). Sue had purchased the fabric at one of the quilt shows quite awhile ago and Kristie managed to find time to assemble it over the winter. Sue was quite delighted and thought it was pretty cool that she could buy fabric that would magically convert to a quilt with no effort on her part. Of course we know differently - she's our chef and without her, well - the Divas just wouldn't function nearly as well! :)

Show and tell was next up with Joan and her most recent "eye spy" quilt (front and back below). She's become quite the expert at these. She was concerned that the binding wasn't stitched down but in the pix it's not too obvious.

Then I opened up my "Seeing Stars" quilt - the top is finally complete. It's pretty big! We had to hang it from the deck to get a full pix. It's not a great pix - sun is shining through - I'll do another when it's finished.

We had a Shrimp Fest today - shrimp on skewers BBQd and shrimp in salad. We had peas in a salad with some other yummy stuff and a regular salad. And some smoked salmon on pizza and a spread that was terrific too! That Gourmet Diva always comes through for us!

And as if that wasn't enough - dessert too!

Divas Kristie, Sue, Mary, Dorothy, Joan.

Oh yeah, about the sewing: two small quilts were quilted on Harley and the top for another one well started.

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