Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Christmas Ever!


Sort of looks like a quilt, doesn't it?  My clever husband made me this amazing thread cabinet! 

 I think I have "the perfect colour of thread" for just about any quilt!  I ordered the minimum order from Marathon Threads (Winnipeg) and tried to get a wide variety of colours.  Minimum order is $150.  The spools I got are 2000 m 35 weight - about $4/spool.  If I were to get quilting thread in my local fabric store, retail price is about $14 for 1000m (although I would typically wait for the half price sales).  If you do the math, it's worth dropping the $150 all at once.  I had picked up some Marathon thread at the last sewing show to try it out and liked it.  So I was comfortable in ordering lots more.  It will take me awhile to use it all up though! 

Craig and Rhonwyn sent me some fabric from Hong Kong (above - not a great pix, will have to try for a better one - oh who am I trying to kid? - you'll see it as it comes up in a project). 

And Eric gave me a gift certificate to the local fabric store!  Sew - I'm feeling like the little kid who got all the things she asked for!  Pretty spoiled, eh?


Finally - this is the "table runner" finished for the dining room table.  It turned into more of a table cloth, but that's OK - I like it.
  For the pix, I pulled out one of the table leaves - the leaves are usually folded in so the runner would hang over the ends, but when both leaves are both out it will extend about half way over each leaf. 

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  1. What a beautiful thread cabinet.....your husband is definitely a keeper! That's a gorgeous runner too.