Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

The Calgary Creative Stitches show was this weekend - Friday and Saturday. Kristie and I headed down there bright and early on Saturday (9:00 am - which for me is early - probably for Kristie half her day is gone by that time!). Anyway - we were among the first through the doors on Saturday.

My mission was to look at and learn about long arm machines. There were quite a variety and I hope within the next few days to decide and pay for one. Hand quilting is fine for smaller things and sometimes it's even more suitable for the type of quilt - but for big ones - no. And my little machine is just not made for the job of quilting.

I bought more books - even after saying I didn't need any more. Well I don't. But these ones were "show priced" and looked pretty interesting so I picked them up.

Intuitive Colour and Design by Jean Wells, Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Arsdall Shrader (now there's a handle!), and Art Quilts introduction by Robert Shaw (no author... hmmm). Anyway, Art Quilts is not a "how to" book - just lots of great pix for inspiration.


Somehow between all the other weekend stuff that had to get done, I managed to make three more LBBs for Elaine's Place. The ones with the yellow background. The birds show up better that way. The others will be the camouflaged birds. I've pretty much exhausted my patience with these guys. They are very fussy and I'm all about instant gratification! So I'm moving on to the the bird houses next week.

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