Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colour Outside the Lines

This is "Colour Outside the Lines."

This is what happens when two ideas come together.

Idea 1: I was looking at the entries for a kids colouring contest and observed the exuberant results of a small child "colouring" a colouring book type of picture - it ends up as a scribble with no concern for the outlines of the drawing. I thought "Outside the Lines" would make a good name for a quilt.

Idea 2: We were visiting relatives. It turns out Joe's great-niece's husband is colour blind so I jokingly told him I would make him a black and white quilt. Further thinking had me coming back to my idea of "Outside the Lines." I thought - black and white centre, for Jason, and colour "Outside the Lines" for the rest of the family. Hence - "Colour Outside the Lines."

This is the top - still needs to meet Harley. Actually - I have a backlog for Harley between my quilts and Divas quilts - so I will have to spend some quality time with Harley over the next little while.


  1. Black and white is always good.....and when you throw some colour at it it becomes even better!