Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

I saw this fabric last year in a little shop near Oliver, BC. It reminded me immediately of my Dad - a "manly man" who hunts and fishes. I have often referred to him as a "Great White Hunter." I do tease him a lot, so when I saw this - I had to buy it. I didn't know what I'd do with it so I only got a meter - my usual practice. Well - I decided I need to make him a quilt for Christmas - and not only that - but it has to be done by next month when he goes back home from - you guessed it - his annual hunting trip! That way I won't have to mail it.

The guys in the fabric do not seem to be terribly competent at hunting or fishing. I must be sure that it is on the record that my Dad is an EXTREMELY competent hunter and fisherman. And he is also very ethical. So while the fabric reminds me of him and (two of) his sports, it is not because he is bad at them.

I should also tell you that this is not the first time I have made him something as a teasing thing. I've made him a "typing skirt" to help with his typing skills after he complained that he wasn't wearing a skirt when he typed, which was probably why he wasn't very good at it (this when he got his first computer - a man who was used to having a personal secretary all his working life). I made him a "tie bib" because my Mom always complained that he always dripped on his tie. I have made him an "Omelet King" apron to assist with his (truly excellent) omelet cooking skills. You get the picture. It's the way our relationship is. I figure it's my job to keep him from developing too much of an ego. I love him, after all!

Back to this quilt... it does have to be "manly" as quilts go. This block seems to fill the bill - simple lines, easy to make, but striking and "manly." It's called Tam's Block on the Blocks Galore site.
They are 12 inch blocks with 1.5 inch sashing so the quilt is actually quite large. He'll be able to take it when he goes hunting and use it in the trailer.

Obviously I didn't get enough fabric but I remembered seeing it in one of the quilt shops here so went out and picked up another two meters - which reminded me why I always try to get fabric on sale - especially here in Canada! Oh well - nothing too good for my Dad!

I'm going to call it "A Hunting We Will Go."


We had a Divas Day on Saturday.

Here is our Gourmet Diva, Sue. This time I forgot to take pix of the food - but be assured it was good as it always is. Lobster mac and cheese and an oh-so-good chocolate dessert.

Here is our Organizer Diva, Kristie. Kristie is suffering from a neck injury and was here to "supervise" and have lunch but was not supposed to do much else. We are all hoping she gets back to her normal self very soon.

Diva Joan.

Diva Dorothy.

We started this cat quilt. I think this is the most complicated block the Divas have tackled to date so we didn't get as much done as we normally do - but we did have our usual fun doing it.

This is our green quilt all finished.

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  1. That hunting fabric is such fun - I am sure your dad will love it!