Saturday, February 2, 2013


When I finish a quilt, I lay it on the spare bed upstairs.  Even though I give quite a few away to special people, I still have quite a few "homeless" quilts.  I decided it's time to try to find them homes and in the process start making this hobby pay for itself. 
We are fortunate in Calgary to have a craft consignment store called the Galleria.  I used to provide items to the Galleria years ago and by doing that I essentially made enough money to pay for my sewing habit back then.  So yesterday, I called them up to see if they would be interested in a few quilts.  They said "yes" so I bundled up about 8 or 9 quilts and took them down thinking they might keep one or two.  But they kept all of them.  Of course that doesn't mean they will sell them all - but they will try.  Susan Copley, the store owner, sent me these pix a few hours after I dropped the quilts off.  This is "Seeing Stars" and it looks much better in her store than it did at the bottom of the pile of quilts on my spare bed!

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  1. Your quilt is very well displayed! Love that lamp too.....we have a craft centre here with a shop, one has to be a member of the co-operative to sell items.