Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Quilting

Kristie had one more of her own quilts to quilt.  So for part of it I did this "pebbling".  I think it looks OK.
 Joan asked if I would quilt this quilt for her.  I believe her daughter did the sewing using up some "Bali Pops".  As you can see, she just stripped them together  This didn't lend itself to quilting the way I might quilt discrete blocks.  It's a long linear looking quilt so it needed something to complement that.  I decided on an all over swirl and Joan liked the idea so I tried it out.  The pix will have to be enlarged to see the design.  Considering it was my first try at this kind of a design, I think it turned out pretty well.  As with anything, there is always a better way so next time I'll try a few things differently.  These pix were just taken of the quilt draped over Max - too big to get a whole quilt shot without some help - none available at that moment.

Kristie made a quilt for STARS Air Ambulance.  Her Mom works there.  They had collected T-shirts from each year of a fund raising event, Kristie put them into a quilt - a first for both of us (T-shirt quilt).  I was pleased with the quilting - again need to enlarge the pix to really see it.

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