Sunday, June 9, 2013

Small Projects

Eric and Jessica are getting married in August.  Of course we're all very excited and pleased.  They asked us to attend a "wedding shower" - but not until less that a week before.  Joe thought we should take something and I concurred that would be appropriate.  I remembered some music themed fabric I had in my stash so dug that out and some coordinating colours.  Quickly decided on a simple design and got them finished on time.  Table topper and four place mats.  I quilted them on max - practicing feathers in the centre parts.


I started making these things - something to do when we're watching TV.  Essentially small blocks embellished with beads, "jewels" and other things.  Then I put a pin on the back - can be pinned to a coat, scarf, bag, whatever.  I got the idea from two places - 1) a book showing 3" blocks with a charm stitched on to be used as a pin (brooch) and 2) watching the Cate Blanchett movie Elizabeth - the costumes are fabulous in that moving and the Richard Attenborough character had very elaborate hat pin that I thought was pretty cool.  So I decided to try making some baroque looking pins using left over quilt fabric.  I think they are turning out quite well.  Guess what all my special girls will be getting for Christmas this year! 

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  1. Aren't these pretty things! I'm sure your special girls will love them.