Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love Struck or Heart Attack??

Y'all know I get a kick out of thinking up names for my quilts - some are more imaginative than others.  I've even thought of a name first and then had to make a quilt to match the name.  Anyway - this is not one of those times.  This is a pattern that was on the EQ7 site that I thought was cute and I also thought I had a suitable assortment of fabric to make it (but I still had to buy a backing... always something!). 

Needless to say - it wasn't finished in time for Valentine's Day - we took off to Hong Kong for a few weeks.  But it's ready for next Valentine's Day!  :)

I could call it "Love Struck".  Or maybe "Heart Attack".   I have to decide pretty quickly because I'm going to put it into the Heritage Park quilt show and I will be sending the entry forms off in the next day or so. 

Speaking of Heritage Park - the quilt show is  May 24 and 25.  This is the information and this is the entry form.  If you're in the area - I really encourage you  enter at least one quilt - you get a 1/2 price gate entry for the show, which of course includes the vendors' market.  It's fun to see your quilt(s) and of course to look at everyone else's too. 

One other observation I want to share: if you haven't been paying attention, the Canadian dollar has dropped quite a bit against the US$.  One Canadian dollar will get you about ninety US cents.  So beware if you're doing any cross-border on-line or in person shopping - the "at par" status we were enjoying for awhile is no longer there. 

I'm looking forward to spring - but if the pattern of the last few years holds, it's still a few months off.  So we'll do our best to stay warm and get back to having fun at our indoor hobbies! 

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  1. What a fun quilt, must check it out! I quite like "Heart Attack" for a fun title.