Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Retirement is Great!"

When Dorothy retired, every time she sent out an email she would end it with "retirement is great" - for almost a year!  Not that I ever doubted her, but she is absolutely correct - retirement IS great! 

My last day of work was June 26 and immediately, on June 17, the Divas took off for a quilting retreat at the Bloomin' Inn near Pincher Creek, Alberta.  We had a great time and we're all lined up to do it again in the fall.   I started a new Divas blog so to see the pix and read more about it click here.

One of the things I want to do now that I have more time is to "get physical" for at least an hour a day.   My bike needed new tires - well the bike was 20 years old and on original tires so no wonder!  But instead of getting new tires, I just got a whole new bike.  This one is a lot more comfortable for a "retired person"!

We also got a new Mazda 3 (our "retirement car") - that's it in the background.  We got a bike rack for the car so we can take our bikes to different locations and enjoy different scenery.
Anyway - we actually have been getting out every day - usually for a bike ride, but sometimes just a walk. 
On the quilting front, I've quilted a few customer quilts in the past couple of months.  One of them was entered into the Calgary Stampede's Creative Arts & Crafts exhibit.  It's a judged event and the quilt won a second place ribbon in it's category.  So I am pretty pleased about that!  I've got some pictures posted on my other No Rules Quilting blog - here.
Which brings me to the blog issue.  Clearly I have at least one too many so I will have to consolidate at some point.  I wanted to keep the business separate, but I don't think that's going to work.  So I have to figure that out! 
I have purchased so much fabric since May that I really need to glue myself to my chair and get sewing!!!  I have no more storage space for it! 
I hope everyone is enjoying the great summer weather now that it has finally arrived!  If you're "down under" - cheer up - summer is coming!  :)

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  1. Retirement is indeed great! What a flash bike - you will have fun on it, I'm sure.