Saturday, January 24, 2015

And so we begin 2015...

As it turns out, being retired takes up a lot of time!!!!

The Divas went on a retreat at the end of Oct - back to Bloomin' Inn.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pix - I realized when I got home that I had my camera on a wrong setting.  And we've had at least a couple of Divas days.   All Divas activities can be found here.

I've been very busy with customer quilts - found here

I have been making my own quilts too - but they are beginning to pile up, waiting for their turn at Max.  Max was tuned up the other day, so he's purring like a kitten again.  Love that machine!

On Nov 22/14 my sister Chris, her hubby Karl and our friend Marlow joined forces with Joe and I and we went into a Christmas craft sale.  We had a lot of fun, but I've decided that the effort is much greater than the return so I don't think I'll do another one.  However, I did snap a few pix of our tables:

Joe's wood work and my sewing.

Here is Joe (reluctantly) posing with his woodwork.

Chris does cakes and edible art.  These plants look so real - but they are not real - she made them and they are edible, although you probably wouldn't actually want to eat them!

Chris was selling "cake pops" to eat and the blue/white is a dummy cake to demo her work.

Marlow also does woodwork, but different from what Joe does.

 Karl spins pens and other small cylindrical items.  He gave me a stitch ripper last year - he turned the handle part.  It's the best one I have at the moment!

Here is one little quilt that I managed to get finished!  It's from Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again: Freewheeling Twists on Traditional Quilt Designs.  I called it "Flower Power". Modeled by Carol and someone else....


I was finally able to catch up with Lisa to give her the quilt I made for her.  So here she is modelling her quilt with help from her daughter, my daughter-in-law, Jessie. 

One thing I'm going to take a shot at is submitting a quilt to the Canadian Quilters' Association show in Lethbridge.  Submissions are due Feb 4 so I've been trying to get my quilt finished - finally got the binding on last night.  Took pix today.  Hope they are good enough for the submission!  I'm just going to post a close up because I'm not sure if I should post a full on shot until after the show in June.

Finally - we have been going out for walks in the mornings near and far.  Joe likes to bird watch and I just go to get out and walk around. 

Black Capped Chickadee

Bald Eagle
Canada Geese

Nuthatch eating from my hand.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Since retiring we are so busy, we wonder how we ever found time to go to work! I love those bird pics, they bring back lovely memories of seeing those same birds in Canada.
    I love your Freddy and Gwen quilt - it's great fun! - and the other pics of the craft show, but you are right about not getting the returns for the work you put in.