Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting Caught Up

I was so busy doing customer quilts last year that I hardly had any time to get my own tops quilted.  I took most of December to do a few of my own things so that helped.  But things have slowed down for me since Christmas so I am all caught up with customer quilts and have had time to do more of my own.  Yay!  It feels good to get some of my own things done!

This first one is a little quilt from a book titled Quilting Happiness by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.  I have called mine "Chatbot" (a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users) because it reminded me of something digital. 

I belong to the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild.  I love this guild!  Our project for 2015 was to do Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman.  The idea was to do 6 blocks/month, which would total 24 of the 25 blocks - so we'd just finish the last one whenever.  I got mine put together in December. I couldn't stand the mound of scraps that had accumulated on my table as it's an entirely scrap quilt (well except for the white).  So I finished it and quilted it.  Mine is the first one done of the group - it won't be the nicest - but it's the first!  :) I've decided it will go to a certain cousin who lives on the Sunshine Coast - which is actually not known for it's sun.

Next up is a quilt designed by Susan Madu of Modern Blended Quilts.  I've quilted three of these quilts already.  One of them is the quilt used on the cover for the pattern and the other two were made by her friend and pattern tester, Armiel.  Susan gave me a copy of her pattern so I figured the least I could do was make it!  :)  This is my version - I added a border to make it a bit bigger. (Thanks for the pattern Susan and thanks Marlow and Joe for "modelling".)


Back (Ikea fabric):

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