Saturday, February 6, 2010

Divas Reconvene

We're back at it! It was a pretty chilly day so what's better than to get together and start some more quilts? This year we are going to make quilts for random charities that we like and that express an interest in using our quilts to help with fund raising. First 2010 Divas' Day was held at Diva Kristie's home.

Here is Diva Joan at the cutting table.

Gourmet Diva Sue. We all agreed that we simply will not have any Divas' Days if Sue is not participating with her culinary skills!

Diva Dorothy and Honourary Diva, Megan the golden retriever.

Kristie and I picked up this fabric awhile back on one of our expeditions. It has "border and backing" written all over it! Well - actually it doesn't - it really says "My heart always comes home to you." We liked it so we both bought some with no plans. So it's going into a couple of Divas' quilts.
Divas Kristie and Joan at the cutting table. We have a very good division of labour!

Diva Dorothy at the ironing board.

Diva Joan again.
The beginnings of our housing project. For the record, Diva Dorothy and myself did most of the sewing today.

The soup - it was to die for!Crab cakes with sauce - also extremely yummy!
Sue made these "crackers"! They were soooooo good! And some special cheese to go with. Anyone can sew a quilt - but Sue is the Queen of the kitchen!!!
I neglected to take a pix of the fabulous dessert - a killer chocolate cake with home made ice cream. Kristie made the ice cream. I want to adopt these women!

Dorothy and Sue.
And here is the payoff! Quilt One - orange corners.

Quilt Two - purple corners.
We think at least one of these will be going to Ronald McDonald House.
We were all extremely pleased with the outcome of our day. We'll get these babies loaded up on Harley over the next little while - quilt them - finish them off and send them off to their destinations.

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