Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to the Beetle

You will recall that Beetlejuice is a rather irregular quilt. The challenge I have is to get it on Harley for quilting. It would be much easier to load up and quilt a rectangular quilt than an irregular quilt. My theoretical solution is as follows:

Pin some "disposable" fabric to the back of the quilt top, aligning the "straight" with where the imagined vertical of the quilt top runs. (Those four black things are shot bags. These are relics of my days back in the late '70s, early 80s as a draftsperson. They are some of the most useful sewing tools I have! Much nicer than soup cans to hold things in place.)
It looks like a boring tablecloth at this stage.

Here it is flipped over. I stitched all the way around the edge of the quilt top - less than 1/4 inch in from the edge.

After stitching, I flipped it back over and trimmed out the "disposable" backing close to the stitching.

Finally, I trimmed it to a reasonable rectangular size. This will be what I load onto Harley for quilting.
I've got the backing ready - washing the batting. By tomorrow I should be ready to start loading Beetlejuice for quilting! I hope my theoretical solution actually works! [added later: it did work!]
I've decided to submit a few of the quilts I have kicking around into the Heritage Park show in May. This will be one of them. Good incentive to get it finished!
Four of the Divas went to the Red Deer quilt show yesterday - more on that to follow.

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