Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It took me a long time to decide how to quilt the old Beetle. I finally settled on spiderwebs - it just seems to suit him. When I doodled, I couldn't figure out a way to quilt spiderwebs without starting and stopping. When I googled, I actually found a blog that has a spiderweb pattern so I looked at that - starting and stopping there, too. So I am starting and stopping - not a continuous pattern.

And - as usual - I'm just free-handing - making it up as I go, so there is really no specific grand plan. Just a lot of webs. In general I like it. But Harley and I are still making friends (that is I'm still learning how to control the machine - it's a long learning curve when you aren't working at it full time, which I'm not) so it's a bit rough in places. I hope people will think it adds to the charm. :)

I think I've quilted about half the quilt now. Should have it ready for binding in another couple of nights.
I entered four of my quilts into the Heritage Park show - Beetlejuice is one of them - so now I HAVE to get him finished!

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