Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ronald McDonald House and Other Things

We are making some small things for the folks at Ronald McDonald House to present to some volunteers/sponsors. These are quite simple house blocks about 21 inches square - eight of them - each will be an individual mini quilt wall hanging. Kristie put the blocks together in advance of our day today. Divas Dorothy and Joan wanted to learn how to do applique, so we got together today to learn that skill and then proceeded to quilt and attach binding.

Above - a couple of the blocks. The stars and hearts were appliqued. Kristie even made little RMcD labels.

We were just the three of us today so the Divas had to settle for my squash soup. Not too exotic compared to our Gourmet Diva Sue's usual fare. Sue had other commitments and both Kristie and Karen are under the weather.
With only three, we went down to the actual sewing area where everything is already set up. Here is Joan at the ironing station.

Dorothy practicing her new applique skills on my new Janome. Since she bought the same machine but hasn't used it much this was an opportunity to get a bit more familiar with it. I'm not sure about that girl's priorities!!! She says she's been too busy to sew - how can that be possible?? :)
Here is Joan showing us her latest creations. I am so proud - this is the lady who said she "couldn't sew a straight line" and look at her go now!!! These quilts are so nice! She's seems determined to make one for every living relative.
Below is a baby quilt - front and back. The back is that fuzzy brushed nylon - I'm sure it has a much more scientific name. But it's really soft and lovely for a baby quilt - one of the lucky babies in her life is due to receive this one.
I put up the last of that horrible Soft and Natural batting on my wall to use as a design wall. It works like a charm! Right now, I'm working on my Mom's Christmas gift. It's starting out a bit jumbly - another one of my make it up as I go quilts. I just can't help myself, it seems! I'm going to call it Legends of the Ivories. Close ups in a later post will make that choice of names a bit more clear.
It should be obvious that my Mom is a musician. She taught piano for years and years and years - played organ for church choirs, organized and conducted various singing/music groups over the years. Probably one of the coolest things she did was, with a quartet of senior singers, put on many concerts over a number of years. Since they had to pay rent for the venues (community halls, etc.) they sold tickets. They donated any proceeds above their costs to the Food Bank in Kelowna. They raised over $75,000 over several years!!!! Way to go Mom!

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