Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Catch Up

Here is Margaret with African Inspiration all finished for her Inspire!Africa silent auction.
These are some tiny gift bags - about 4*4*2 inches. Pattern found in a recent magazine. Designed to use fat quarters and since I had coordinating FQs, I thought I'd try making a few - OK - eight. They are kinda cute!
This is one of my new books. I love this book! It has some good general quilting instruction for new quilters and all the patterns are square/rectangular pieces with the occasional half square triangle tossed in. I would bet that "Boo" is not the name that shows up on her birth certificate! But Boo Davis has a fun website, although I suppose not everyone would appreciate it - definitely not for "traditional" quilters. But I found her site highly amusing.
This is one of the patterns from her book. Now before you get too concerned, the book also has some really cute patterns for kids - this one is the most "scary." This is another example of "never say never" - I said I'd never get fabric with sculls on it, but this quilt needed backing fabric. Skulls just seemed the most appropriate. So where you see the white blotches, those are skulls - I put a few strips on the top to pull the backing in - once it's on. The rest of the fabric is all stuff I had lying around - most of it is not actual quilting fabric. Most of the red, white and blue is very "hard" poplin - so I don't think I'll try quilting it on Harley - I'll run it through my new Janome and see how that works. This will be my weekend project. This quilt will go to my sister's boyfriend, Dan (The Man!) who wears rings with skulls on them. But in spite of that, we really like him! He's a character. I think he'll get a kick out of this quilt.

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