Friday, March 11, 2011

"Easy" Four-Patch

This probably falls into the category of "I'm always the last to know." You've probably seen this years ago, but I just learned this neat way to make basic four patch squares this week.....
As an example: I want to make a 6 inch square made of 4 four-patch squares. So I need 4 four-patch squares that are 3 inches finished size. Each of the small squares would be 1.5 inches square or 2 inches with seam allowances. This method makes two four-patch squares each time. For 4 four-patches, cut four 4 inch squares - two each of two colours (or different colours as desired) - the square size is twice the unfinished size of the small square (2 *2 = 4). I need four squares, so two sets of 4 inch squares (above).
In an effort to be less convoluted - cut one 4 inch square of one colour, one 4 inch square of a second colour. You will end up with two 3.5 inch squares. If you double that, there will be enough for a six inch square.
Right sides together, one of each colour (below).
Stitch two opposite sides of each set of squares (below).
Cut down the centre, parallel to stitching (below).
We end up with four new not-quite squares as per above - press them out. Line up right sides together, opposite colours together, as per below.
As per above, again stitch opposite sides - where you "cross the seams." Then slice parallel to that stitching, down the centre, as per below.
Press them out. Here are the 4 four-patches. Then I assembled for my 6 inch block, as below.

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  1. Well - I didn't know that, and I have been quilting for a long time - thank you! How easy is that!