Monday, March 21, 2011

March Divas Day

Gourmet Diva Sue was at it again! For this alone, we love our Divas Days. Above, tomato basil soup.
Maple pudding and really yummy chocolate cup cakes complete with Bailey's icing.

Some other yummy stuff.

Yam salad.

Sew... on to the quilts!
Diva Joan has been extremely busy these days. She put together a number of kids quilts as follows:

"Bug Jars" - I think there are other things in those jars, but for some reason, bugs seems to have stuck as the name.

This one is "Fishy" - front above, back below.
"Caterpillars" - below.

Joan with Megan.

Here are a couple of "Eye Spy" quilts - also by Joan.
Front above, back below.Here are a couple more.

A word about Joan's quilts. You may recall that we made some quilts for Ronald McDonald House last year. As a fall-out from that, we inherited a LOT of fabric from a RMcD client family that has a relative who used to be an avid quilter, but is unable to quilt due to dementia. The family donated her fabric to us, so we will be using this for making quilts for various charities. We finished some quilts that were already started to be given back to the family, and we donated one of our quilts to the Alzheimer's Society on behalf of "Shirley," the woman whose fabric it is. The kids quilts above will go back to Ronald McDonald House.
I came home from our day and put together the first of many "wedding ring" blocks for a quilt I will be making for my son, Craig, and his fiance, Rhonwyn. They are getting married on May 10. I'm going to try to get it finished, but have a hard deadline of July 4 when they will be leaving Canada for Australia, where Rhonwyn is from (Hobart).
R wanted Asian themed fabric on a black background. Asian because their plan is to get work in China. She lived there for a couple of years before attending university (where they met), learned Mandarin, took it as a minor so can now read and write it.

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  1. There seem to be many Aussies and Canadians connected by marriage and family! I'm sure your son and his intended will love that quilt. One of my groups also makes quilts for the local Ronald McDonald House, they are always welcomed.