Sunday, January 15, 2012

First 2012 Divas Day

 We started the quilt above before Christmas, but put it together today.  This is a pattern Joan found - a different spin on a log cabin.  We actually made enough blocks for two quilts, but didn't get the second top quite finished.  Next time.  Fun day as ususal.  Again, I didn't get food pix, but Gourmet Diva Sue was up to her usual excellent cullinary provisions so we certainly weren't hungry!

For show and tell, Joan brought this penquin.  I don't usually buy magazines, but just had to buy the one with this pattern in it.  I'll make it one of these days myself and seeing Joan's, just confirms the fact that I love this penguin portrait!  As usual, Joan did an excellent job.  
My contribution to show and tell were these two little table toppers, shown here on the tables I made them for.  Joe made these little end tables for our TV room and I wanted to get something on the tops to protect them ASAP!  I'm actually pretty pleased with the way they turned out considering I wanted to get them done quickly so they had to be a simple design and I also wanted to use up scraps, not cut into something new.  I think I did pretty well on both counts. 

 I also did the next two table toppers - or whatever.  These will go to Brenda, who is retiring soon.  They have a place in Texas and here live in the country with horses so I thought the western theme would be appropriate.
I also showed the Divas my Partridge Family quilt, but will get a pix of it when it's completely finished and put it in another post.

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  1. Your Diva quilt is a real eye-popper! The penguins are very cute, what a lovely quilt for a little one...and your table toppers are a great idea, because those tables are pretty special.