Saturday, February 18, 2012

Partridges, Ships and Divas

I selected some fabric that I liked and the lady who cut it told me it reminded her of the Partridge Family.  Well -that was awhile ago so I had to look it up to figure out why she made this connection.  But when I did, I realized the fabric had the geometric feel of the painted bus in the TV series, so I decided to design a "Partridge Family" themed quilt, which I call "Come On - Get Happy" - after one on the songs. 

Just after I started quilting a couple-three years ago, I picked up some nautical themed fabric so I've had it kicking around for a couple of years now.  I really need to start turning my piles of fabric into quilts so designed another quilt to use this fabric.  I came up with "Trade Winds", below.

I had some left overs so decided instead of putting them in a bag an using them later, which is what I usually do (only "later" doesn't come all that often), that I would make a table runner out of them right away - so this is what I came up with. (front - then back)

Brenda joined us today as an Honourary Diva, but I think she had enough fun that she wants to become a full fledged Diva - hope so!  I gave her these two small table toppers or over-sized place mats as her retirement gift, as she's into the retirement count down. 


So today was a Divas day.  Naturally we can't have a DD without Gourmet Diva Sue's culinary talents.  This was today's delicious lunch!  Savory muffins, salad, stuffed peppers and awesome mac and cheese.  We also had a fabulous dessert, which I failed to get pix of - not the first time!  Take my word for it - delicious. 

And we did actually do a bit of sewing - completed one quilt top and blocks for two others.  Just to prove I do some of the sewing, some Diva took this pix of me when I obviously wasn't paying attention! 

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  1. Great quilts.....I love "Trade Winds"! That food certainly looks yummy.