Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Divas, Portland and Mad Scramble

 Above and below - two recent Divas quilts.  I probably have them in my "to be quilted" pile.
Joe and I did a little road trip to Portland the last week in March.  I was desperate for a bit of downtime after several very busy months at work.  Spring was arriving in Portland - trees in bloom, a variety of spring flowers about.  Whereas here, a month later, we still had snow falling yesterday.  Should have stayed longer!
One of the best quilt stores - Fabric Depot - is in Portland.  As you can see - rows and rows of fabric and the day we hit it, it was all 30% off!  US fabric prices are always significantly lower than Canadian and with 30% off - it was a pretty sweet day!  And the added bonus of shopping in Oregon is there is no sales tax!  I won't tell you how much I got - there and at other stores on our trip - partly because I don't actually know and partly because it would be admitting that I have a problem....

The Heritage Park Festival of Quilts is coming up so I decided to register some quilts for show - it's just a show, not judged.  As my "surplus" quilts are still at the Galleria, I had only Gotham and Follow Your Dreams left at home.  I had plans to make a few more so registered six altogether.  That was back on April 8.  The quilts are to be delivered May 21.  So - all I had to do was make four more quilts - in between working full time, etc. -  between April 8 and May 21 - no sweat, right? 
As of this moment I have all tops made and first one is on Max being quilted.  So here are the tops:
"Promenade"  This is the City Lot design in City Quilts by Cherri House.

 "Talking Heads" (Talking Head I and Talking Head II) - a design called Two Heads are Better than One by Boo Davis in Whip Up Mini Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson.

"Surf Town" - a design by Mimi Wellington called Checkerboard Twist that I found in a magazine.

And finally, "Camo-Quilt" - my own design. 
My mad scramble continues - gotta get these babies quilted by May 21! 


  1. It's nearly a month, you can do's not as though you have anything else to do, after all.....*grin*

    1. It's true - nothing else to do! :) At least nothing more fun... Quilt #2 is now on Max. I'll get there.