Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heritage Park 2013

The Heritage Park Festival of Quilts is this weekend (May 25-26).  I put a few of my quilts in for display.  Joan and I went out to look at the ~800 quilts at the show and we were surprisingly restrained at the merchant mall.  I picked up a few fat quarters at Hamel's, but that's it. 
The weather wasn't so good yesterday so all the quilts were hung inside.  If the weather is good, they go outdoors, which is more fun and the lighting is better.  I think today they are outside, but I'm not going back today. Oh well.  Here are my HP quilts:
 Surf Town.
Camo-Quilt - as in Camouflage.
Promenade - very poor lighting.
Talking Heads - and my head!
Follow Your Dreams.
As always, we had a very fun day.  We took a break around 5 and came back around 6:30 for the dinner where Terry Morberg was the guest speaker.  She is a very funny lady and also a talented quilter.


  1. sounds like a great time sure wish I lived closer thanks for sharing your wonderful quilts!

  2. Shame about the weather.....but at least you were able to see your quilts hanging!