Monday, May 30, 2016

Heritage Park 2016!

Another year at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts!  Had a blast as usual - saw many, many fabulous quilts and ran into so many of my quilty friends!  I had a few of my own quilts in the show.  In addition, there were a number of quilts that I had quilted for customers.  You can take a look at them here.

Here are a few shots of my quilts, friends quilts and of the park.

"Patchwork City"

"Rainbow Connection" (below)

"What the Hex?" (below)

"Draco Ostium" (below)

"Gravity Quilt" - this is a customer quilt that I quilted. It got the absolute best display spot - front and centre on the Wainright Hotel balcony  Rachel and I were both really pumped about that!

Wainright Hotel - the pix below shows Rachel's quilt as well as the quilts of two friends - Lee (left of Rachel's) and Carol's (two left of Lee's).

I love the pix below - my own quilt, "Read All Over", is front and centre, then on the hotel is Rachel's quilt, Lee's quilt and Carol's quilt.  Cheryl's quilt is to the left of mine on the easel on the grass.  It's so fun to know the makers of so many quilts!  And in one pix!

Close-up of Carol's quilt below - a "Hunter's Star" quilt.

And here is my friend Joan's adorable owl applique quilt for a new baby great-nephew.

And a couple of shots of the train going by..

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