Monday, June 27, 2016

CQA Quilt Show - Toronto 2016

The CQA quilt show was in Toronto (actually Mississauga).  Kristie and I thought it would be fun to go, but I didn't want to go all that way just for a quilt show.  So Joe and I planned a 3+ week road trip (Jun2-26) of which the quilt show would be part.  This post is about the quilt show.  I'll post on my other blog about the entire trip.  

One of the things that a big quilt show like this offers is classes with well known quilters.  Sue Patten is a well known long-arm quilter who was teaching there so I signed up for a few classes with her.  

Above - Me with Sue Patten.  She is a very energetic instructor and I enjoyed her classes.  I have two of her books so asked her to sign then - and she did!  

I took a couple of other classes, which I also enjoyed - but long-arming is my thing so those are the ones that I am most excited about.

The rest of the pix are of the quilts in the show.  There weren't that many - I was expecting more.  But it's a juried show so presumably these are the best of the best.  I took pix mostly of some of the quilts I liked mostly for the quilting - not the actual quilts.  The lighting wasn't great and I was just using my small pocket camera so those two things combine for not so great pix, but enough to remind me of the quilting details.  I tried to get a pix of the info for each quilt and with the quilter's name(s).  

This first one is a Steampunk themed quilt, which I think is really fun!

I didn't get the info for the quilt in the next two pix - but I love the quilting detail!

For this next one, the thing I liked most was the use of border fabric to make the stars.

The next quilt is about the techniques used to produce the heirloom look - I love it!

I am a sucker for architectural designs and just love the next two quilts.

Next up a hand painted wholecloth quilt.

Below is a very modern quilt - there were others, but this one caught my attention.

Kristie and I attended the keynote speaker's talk and trunk show.  I was blown away by her work and want to try to do something like it.  Jane Sassaman.  Check out her stuff here.

I am really pumped to start trying out some of the things I learned and to try out some new rulers I bought in Sue Patten's class.  They are the Pocket Pebbler, Cobblestone, Gem Stones, Stepping Stone, and Skipping Stone.  

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