Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Like a Cat

I had my trip to the coast May 15 to 19. Took Pam and Amy their quilts. I told Pam I felt like I might be a cat giving her people a dead bird or mouse as a gift. I have often given good friends things I make but never really sure that they like the things as much as I do! It's the price you pay for being my friend - you have to get stuff that I make! Anyway - I like the quilts and they seemed to like them too!

So here is Pam with Goodtime Girlfriends in Abbotsford.

Mary and Amy in Surrey. Amy was my teacher in grade 7 and 8 - waaaaay back in the stone age. She's great! She's in her late 80s now and you'd sure never know it. She had a couple of Obama bio books on her coffee table and is totally up on all her politics. She's a staunch NDPer and as recently as June attended a function where Stephen Lewis was a speaker. She has a fabulous pix of herself with SL and her daughter up on her kitchen wall. She's pretty amazing!

Amy and Mary with Amy's Galaxy.

To see more BC pix, switch over to Amble Rambles - maybe in a month or so I'll be caught up there and the pix of my girls' weekend will be up.

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