Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quilting Divas Day!

The company Quilting Divas got together today. This was our second Quilting Divas' Day. We are making quilts from our respective scrap heaps to donate to our company's charity auction. It's the first time we've done this - we are all new to the company! - so we'll see how it works this year. If it is successful, we may have to make it an annual tradition!

Of course I was late - DH and I were out buying flooring for the new sewing room - getting that room done is a high priority for me!

When I arrived, I found Kristie doing "quilting aerobics" in her dining room.

Sue was busy figuring out what a Christmas quilt should look like....

Sue is also a Cooking Diva, as it turns out. She has adopted us as her guinea pigs to test recipes from her "recipe pile." None of us has complained about this chore.

Kristie's Huskvarna Viking - she has a "real" quilting machine!

More food shots! Such hardship!

Kristie with her lunch.


Some of Kristie's creativity - surrounded by the day's fabric research.

Two quilt tops - one fully assembled - one on the way to completion. By the time we wound up both were quilted.

More fabric. Kristie could open a shop with her stash.

The Christmas squares that Karen cut in advance for our day of quilting. Karen couldn't attend today - she was riding a 150 km bike ride. We were eating and quilting. Hmmmm ....

Pat - Kristie's DH. And their best friend Megan.

Quilting Kristie.

Pinning Dorothy and Sue.

OK - the thing about being the photographer is that you take the pix, but don't get in any. I was doing a lot of the sewing. This shows that I probably needed to take a break before I actually did - right side to wrong side! Opps!

The quilted quilt - next step is binding. That will be our next Diva day.

Dessert time! Pear torte. This Diva can cook!

Sue - the Cooking -Quilting Diva!

The Christmas quilt on its way to completion. We actually did get the top finished, but I was racing to get out to my DH who was coming to pick me up so didn't get a pix of the finished top - next time.
This is what I came home to! My renovator bunny hubby worked all afternoon on flooring in the new sewing room! I can't wait for it to be finished!

It will actually be the sewing/laundry/office - this part is obviously laundry.


  1. Looks as though you had a great day! Can you please send the cooking diva to me, I'm sure I could put her to good use?

  2. Couldn't we all use our own personal Cooking Diva! My fantasy has always been to have a Cooking and Cleaning Diva at hand! - Mary