Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Divas Day!

Another Divas Day. This one on a Sunday and I think we were all a bit "Zombie-ish" after our respective busy Saturdays - at least I was! But oh well. We still managed to put the better part of two more quilt tops together and finish off our Christmas quilt top from last time. So here we go again with fun on the floor.

And we have a new Diva, Joan!

Joan, Dorothy with George the cat assisting.

George and Dorothy.




Joan and Dorothy - the block layout Queens.

Here is the Christmas quilt top all finished. It looks pretty good considering we're using up "scraps."

Susan's food contribution - we won't come if Susan doesn't come!


Dorothy, Kristie, Susan and Karen.
Kicking back after our lunch break.

Here's the next one. I need a close up of the blocks because the dark ones are actually four "half square triangles" - the colours don't show up in this pix.

Dorothy and Kristie in action.

I think we'll actually be able to open up a quilt store by the time the company auction rolls around! We seem to have a continuous supply of "scraps" and ideas.

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