Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Navajo Block

My sister Chris is very fond of orange colours and has a number of "southwestern" artifacts (I gave her a number of them!). She's recently moved into a new-to-her home that has a large "bonus room" above the garage (who ever thought of that name, anyway???). So I've told her that will be her "southwestern" room and that she'll be getting a quilt for it. Here is the first block - it's the Navajo block from the Blocks Galore website - it seems appropriate.

I've been collecting all these southwestern prints and actually intended for the quilt to have a bit more orange in it, but the orange stuff I have didn't seem to work for the block - the designs are too large. I'll have to find a different quilt to make with those ones.
As it it, I'm not sure about my colour choice - now that the block is together, it might be too dark. But I will forge ahead because I have most of the block pieces cut out. Live and learn. I think it will be OK - just not stellar. My excuse is that I'm still learning.
Below - the southwestern fabric laid out on my NEW sewing table. Yay!
And a few shots of the NEW sewing area now that I've started to move my stuff in. I expect this is a temporary arrangement - still need to get some shelving.

Because these book cases are needed elsewhere for actual books! But in the meantime, I've put my growing fabric stash on the bookshelves. This is not a bad stash considering I just started this quilting nonsense back in August!
I must get sewing and "stay away from the fabric stores"!

This very computer is on the left - it's also an "office" space.

I'm still very excited about my new space! I have big plans for it!


  1. Love the southwestern block, the colour choice is good - not too dark at all.