Friday, June 19, 2009

Divas' Day at Heritage Park 14th Annual Festival of Quilts

Dorothy, Karen, Dorothy's cousin Donna (Honourary Diva), Kristie and myself spent the better part of May 31 at Heritage Park in Calgary where we enjoyed the annual "Festival of Quilts." I am posting a mere sampling. There were many more quilts that aren't shown here - all were terrific. Enjoy the quilts and a few pix of the park.

Here we are - Dorothy, Karen, Donna and Kristie. I'm invisible.
The quilts were being shown in these tents, they were hung out along fences, from balconies, and displayed inside buildings. There were quilts everywhere! 443 quilts are listed in the program.

And of course the vendors area - also inside a tent. There was an unspoken contest to see who would make the first purchase, largest purchase, etc. I think Karen won on the first and largest category (she found an iron that would never shine fabric - she was very pleased with this discovery!). But we all bought stuff - yours truly came away with another pile of fabric - because naturally, there is never enough!
One more note before I go on - I usually crop the pix, but with so many pix and so little time, I decided not to.

Crazy Hearts by Dianne Wilson, Calgary

Memories of Bryce by Jude Schmitz, Calgary

Illusion for Paige by Linda Van Gastel, Calgary

Stars in the Window by Riske Quartero, Bragg Creek

The Embarrassed Zebra by Cindy Humphrey, Calgary

Playing with Curves by Nora Varga, Calgary

Asian Fabric Quilt by Bev Bertrand, Calgary

Wrens Nest - Prairie Designs by Olga MacFarlane, Calgary

Concerto for Quilters by Janet Rooke, Calgary (I love this one!)

One of several quilt guild displays.


Brenda's Quilt by Maureen DeRay, Calgary

High Country Hearts by Joanne Middleton, Bragg Creek

Seebe by Wayne Kollinger, Calgary

Bird of Paradise Wall Hanging by Dorothy Wichert, Calgary

Memories of Mozart by Lisa Weldon, Calgary

Painted Bowls by Beverly Patkau, Calgary

Bargello Garden by Claudette Miller, Calgary

Stars Wedding Quilt by Sandra Hand, Calgary

Starshine Delight by Barbara Roberts, Calgary

Alpine Wonder by Lil Mountjoy, Calgary

Here are a few shots of the other activity around HP. And of course some of the old buildings and artifacts.

Woven Log Cabin by Germaine Nelson, Claresholm

Diamonds From a Girl's Best Friend by Joanne Middleton, Bragg Creek (her triangles/diamonds are perfect!)

Sally Lightfoot by Linda Dunbar, Calgary

Divas in line at the Bakery.

Divas Dorothy, Donna and Kristie.

Dorothy and Donna.

Dorothy, Mary and Donna (not invisible here!)

OK - so I'm giving up on all the names - I'm not going to do the "group shot names" - I'm getting lazy.

But this green one is Tuesday Night Quilt by Cheryl Arkison, Calgary - this reminds me of something I would do!

Polka Dot Daisies by Sandra Krystalowich, Calgary

Kristie is inspecting some "antique" quilts upstairs in the Wainwright Hotel.

Here's the long shot of the Wainwright Hotel.

Jazz Cats by Margary Smith, Calgary

Part of Hunter's Celtic Turtles by Kyli Cahoon, Calgary

Links by Kim Morrison, Calgary

Southwest Memories by Sharon Anderson, Calgary (I love this one - applique)

Close up of Stary Night by Belinda Giles, Calgary

Brandon's Dragon by Kyli Cahoon, Calgary

Part of Civil War Love Letters Quilt by Diana Fisher, Crossfield

Kristie and Dorothy - amused!
Easy Moving by Dianne Wilson, Calgary

This one I recognize as "The Yellow Brick Road" pattern - this one was a late entry, not listed in the program! So sorry, no quilter name can be provided.

This is a late entry too - so no name available - but I like it - it's something like I would do.

Something Fishy by Gladys Serafino, Calgary

Monsters by Kay Hudson, Calgary

First Snow in our Garden by jane Turvey, Calgary

Can't read the number on this one, but I like the clever way the letters and numbers form the little houses.

Reach for the Stars by Pat Stratherrn, Calgary

Loon Call by Nora Varga, Calgary

Looking back at the Wainwright Hotel.

This is "Gasoline Alley" a new part of the Park.

As you can see - the weather was great and we had a lot of fun spending money, looking at quilts and spending time at Heritage Park.


  1. Mary

    Your photos of the Quilt Festival at Heritage Park are excellent. My wife and I never miss the festival as it is a wonderful opportunity to see what everyone else is up to. (And,of course, buy fabric)

    I thought you might like to know a little more about 4 of the quilts you photographed.
    I will refer to them by the comments you posted
    below each one.

    "Seebe by Wayne kollinger"
    This is part of my Alberta series. All the quilts in the series are named after places in Alberta.

    "OK-So I'm Giving up on all the names...."
    The quilt on the right, the one of the Great Blue Heron, was designed and sewn by my wife Linda Hurd. She did it as part of the Along Came Quilting quilt challenge.

    "Something Fishy by Gladys Serafino"
    Gladys assembled this from blocks sewn by members of her quilt guild. it is an adaption of my Ponoka pattern.

    "Can't read the number on this one . But I like the clever way....."
    This is another of my quilts. It uses a pieced alphabet that I designed and a traditional school house pattern. My wife linda did the stippling with a white thread; because the back is dark green the school houses show up there as well.

    Wayne Kollinger

  2. Thanks for the insight, Wayne! Keep those great ideas flowing!