Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Socks

Moving right along here... on to the seasonal stuff. There won't be much of it. Not enough time. But I did promise the sons that I would make their girls Christmas socks. And it turns out Carol needs one, too. And now she has a new special friend, so I may find it in my heart to make an extra one for him. Due to time constraints, I'm going for simple but effective.

At the last quilt show we were at, we saw a quilt of "wonky trees" that looked pretty simple, so thought as an experiment I'd try a few. The result is above. I think they're OK. I stacked three blocks, one of each colour, sliced them up, rearranged, stitched, then squared up again. They are 5 inch blocks so will end up 4 1/2 inches when stitched into the socks.

I did get Elaine's Place finished, but it's up on the bed and I'm down here, so I'll do a pix for a future post before I "post" it. I still don't like it - but I guess we all have to have a least favorite, lessons learned kind of project once in awhile.

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