Friday, November 20, 2009

Elaine's Place is finished

Well - for better or worse, here it is. Elaine's Place - her house, imaginary picket fence, garden path, blue birds, flowers and birdhouses.

I went looking for my embroidery floss to use for stitching the buttons on. This is the rats nest of floss.
Why do I have so much? At one point I decided I should try cross stitch. I started a set of four pictures. The macaw was finished in about a year when Craig was a baby - so about 28 years ago. It took me another 8 or 9 years to finish the butterflies. I started the third one - I haven't looked at it for so long, I can't remember what it is! No need to rush these things! Somewhere around year 10 I figured I should frame the ones that I had done. They are up in the "guest bedroom."


  1. That is too funny Mary D, I was over at my SIL for ThankGiving and my MIL brought out an embroidery that she wants to get done that she started in like 1970 or something like that and wanted to get some matching floss from my SIL - it was too funny. Couldn't find a match and we dug through a pile that looks like was pretty funny I must say. I wonder now if my MIL is actually working on it.:)

  2. The quilt looks great.....don't worry about not finishing the pictures yet, genius can't be rushed.......

  3. So true! I always say, no need to rush these things! :)