Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Secret

Shhhh - it's a Secret!

Some people are special. I like to make things for my special people - see "Like a Cat" post.

I want to keep my scrap heap under control, so what better way than to make some little gifty things with my scraps? At the Red Deer quilt show we saw some little "mini place mats." I didn't measure them, but they are large enough for a cup of coffee and a small plate of cookies, or something more healthy, but smaller than "regular" place mats.

Pam likes "mini" things of all sorts and I had some of the Loralie girls left from her quilt and thought it would be fun to make Pam a "mini" place mat that she can use when she's watching TV under her quilt!

But why stop at one? There were enough of the girls for five.

I also have the five Divas - but there were only four Loralie girls left after Pam. Problem solved: I also had some of the remains of the blue/gold Australian Rail Fence. Diva Karen liked the Australian Rail Fence quilt so much, she bought it. So I think she needs some mini mats to go with her quilt, too!
Finally, our friend Scott always has a Christmas soiree, and we like to take something. Wine is the traditional thing for such events, but Scott is a connoisseur and - well - we like wine, but don't really know much about it - so I prefer not to take Scott wine. I had some scraps from the bridge table covers and table runners I made for my Mom last year for Christmas and I think that fabric will fit in with Scott's stuff. So Scott gets some "minis" from that!

The minis are in the 8-9 inch by 13-15 inch range - I think the blue ones might be a bit bigger - its just the way the squares worked out. (See "artist" post below.)

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  1. Hey Mary, these are too cute, perfect little hostess of friend gift!