Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Kids

I still have my list of kids to make quilts for. I really would like the kids (now between about 8 months and 4 years) to not be teenagers by the time I get to these quilts so am determined to get these quilts made! Soon! You may recall I did make one awhile ago (The Circus is Coming). Here are a couple more. Obviously started with the same panel then added the borders. Which one do you like best?

One thing about panels - they never seem to be square and these ones were also very close to each other so not much wiggle room around the edges. I had to add some fabric to square them up so tried to match it up as well as I could. In the bottom one, I added quite a bit to have it match up to the border (another example of my non-planning!).

I think I'll call them Day at the Zoo and Day at the Zoo, Too.

On to Harley!

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