Friday, December 31, 2010

The Quilt I Didn't Want to Make

Last month, our good friend told us she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's one thing to talk about cancer in a generalized way but I know and love Marla - she's not an abstract statistic. What do you do when your friend has cancer - other than utter the usual words of support and encouragement? It's a very helpless place to be in.

I make quilts - so probably more to relieve my own stress regarding the situation, I made Marla a quilt. I hope she'll find it a comfort and then when she is fully recovered (because that's what I want to happen), she can either keep it or pass it on to someone else.

I'm going to call it Marla's Magical Quilt because if I could imbue it with magic that would instantly cure her, I would.

1 comment:

  1. Best wishes to your friend, I hope her journey is not too difficult and that she ends it well and clear. Your quilt will, hopefully, bring her some cheer and a smile!